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LEED ® Consultants:   Leaders of Green, Inc.

will assist you in the LEED® Certification process


LEED CONSULTANTS, Leaders of Green, Inc. was founded on the idea that all construction projects in the future will be designed with "green" in mind. The future is now, and the talk is about Real Sustainability. The built environment must be more durable, highly energy efficient, require less maintenance, and be cost effective. Sustainability is about protecting what we have, so that our future generations will be able to enjoy the same benefits of clean water, fresh food, non-toxic air, green spaces and natural resources. This will take team work!


LEED Consultants, Leaders of Green, Inc. is about team building.


LEED Consultants, Leaders of Green, Inc. specialize in assisting new construction and renovation projects, both commercial and residential, in the registration process with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), for any area within the LEED green building program of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). We help you assemble a team of professionals that will take you from design and photo documentation to submittals and ultimate award ceremony, or assist with your already developed team, working directly with the building owner, architect, or general contractor.


You determine our level of LEED CONSULTING involvement, whether it is monitoring a particular set of LEED credits or a specific phase of construction; reviewing plans for additional LEED credit opportunities, or simply managing the LEED process. Our goal is to serve you in any capacity that will make the LEED Green Building Certification System more understandable, and a tool to achieve your sustainability goals...not just another agency and set of regulation to "get through".


LEED Consultants, Leaders of Green, Inc. will help you realize the many benefits, and allow you to profit from the LEED Green Building Certification System, by providing marketing consulting and recommendations on how to get your next building project recognized.


Need LEED Consulting?  We can save you time and money.


The LEED Green Building Certification System requires advanced planning and close management of the job site. Failure to correctly document or implement your plan could mean costly delays, losing LEED credit, or even failure to pass critical inspections necessary for the certification of your project. We can help avoid these delays and keep your project within budget.


  • Monitor the progress of your construction plan on-site, in order to stay on schedule, identify LEED compliant issues and detect potential problems early.
  • Streamline the construction plan scheduling and coordinate sub-contractors.
  • Facilitate staff meetings to ensure that each sub-contractors knows their responsibility as not to jeopardize the LEED certification process.
  • Collect information, and document the construction phase, and also provide corrective measures to ensure smooth submittals.
  • Record date/time-stamped digital photographs to document the project for LEED audit and review.
  • Years of experience on budget review boards for corporate national building projects, and a diverse background, allows for creative suggestions to help trim costs, and stay within your budget.
  • Complete management of the LEED process, so you don't have to.


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